Speaker Biography

Ousman Bajinka

Ousman Bajinka holds a Master degree in Microbiology from Ege University. He has his bachelors from the University of The Gambia in biology and chemistry. Ousman has worked with Medical Research Council (MRC) Gambia Unit as a medical laboratory technician and has series of lab experiences before joining MRC. He has 4 years teaching experiences and this includes national and international.


In this generation among the fast killing diseases, cancer is not a small factor. There has been and still intensive study on the occurrences and mechanism of cancer. Due to the fact that there has not been any scientifically proven treatment that specific to the various forms of cancer, the controversies as to what cause this cancers are exponentially high. One of this is the concept of trans-fat containing foods are causing cancer. Trans-fat foods up to date are believed by many that is a causing cancer instead of a risk to cardiovascular diseases. In this review, some concrete facts are further looked into to defeat the idea of trans-fat as carcinogens. Cancer itself is thoroughly explained and types of cancers in relations to the sources of foods that are claimed high risk. The chemistry of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids was also dealt with and foods that are proven to be rather protective to causing cancer are also highlighted. None the less, the reasons why trans-fats were term carcinogens was explained and disproved. Among the review article, there has not any scientific proof as to trans fats as carcinogenic instead a risk to heart diseases and for this, extensive use of these food items are advised to be less consumed.