Speaker Biography

Vincent Dumez

University of Montreal, Canada

Title: Patient expectations for a necessary revolution in collaboration practices

Vincent Dumez

Mr. Vincent Dumez holds a finance degree and a master in science of management from Montreal’s international business school Hautes Études Commerciales (HEC).  Up until 2010, Mr. Dumez was an associate in one of Montreal’s most influential consulting firm where he acted as a senior strategic consultant. Suffering from severe chronic diseases for more than three decades, M. Dumez has been actively involved in the development of the ‘patient partner’ concept at Montreal University. This involvement has come forward through the completion of his masters dissertation on patient-doctor relationship, his contribution to the training of patients, his work on boards of healthcare organizations and his involvement as keynote speaker in healthcare conferences. Since 2010, Mr. Dumez has developed the patient partnership program at the Faculty of Medicine. He’ now co-leading the Centre of Excellence on Partnership with the patients and Public.


One of the most important consequences of the increase in chronic diseases, and certainly one of the most underestimated, is their impact on collaborative practices between patients and healthcare professionals. From the context of chronic diseases emerges healthcare relationships that are long-term, with knowledgeable patients and families who themselves take charge of a large part of the care process at home, outside of clinical settings. These patients and families also have access to ever-increasing medical information via the internet, social networks or even by creating their own clinical data. For example, as of July 2018, Quebec citizens will have access to their personal data on medical tests such as radiology and blood samples, prescriptions, etc. In summary, a major patient revolution is taking place that requires a consideration of the patient as not only being at the 'centre of care' but above all as a full 'partner in care'. This shift has dramatic consequences on the way we manage the whole healthcare system from the education of health professionals and citizens, to the management of hospitals/clinics, to the governance of our healthcare institutions, health research priorities and healthcare policies.

A patient, Mr. Vincent Dumez, whom has had several chronic diseases since birth, will present this keynote speech. He will describe this revolution through his perspective as a patient partner in the context of hemophilia and HIV, but also as co-leader of the Centre of Excellence on Partnership with Patients and the Public at the University of Montreal. This Centre has been driving since 2010 a major transformation in patient partnership throughout Quebec, with impacts also at the Canadian and international level.