With an intent to address the global challenges in managing and prevention of the Chronic Diseases, Pulsus Conferences organized the 4th edition of the “International Conference on Chronic Diseases. The event witnessed the attendees from 15+ countries and attendees. The conference hosted various talks from the Keynote and plenary speakers.
The sessions at the conference comprised of talks on:
Title 1: SLE as a hematological problem & Kozhikode criteria for early diagnosis of SLE by Sasidharan P K, India
Title 2: Anti-hypertensive medications and change in stages of chronic kidney disease in American adults: NHANES 1999-2014 by Marina Komaroff, Director, Noven Pharmaceuticals, USA
Title 3: Little known effective alternative diagnostic methods and treatment of the musculoskeletal pain by Olena Plotkina, USA
Workshop on Diagnostics of musculoskeletal pain in various locations of the body and approaches to its effective treatment by Andrei Bourdeinyi and Olena Plotkina from Life University, USA
Title 4: Abnormal presentation of a myeloid sarcoma in a non-leukemic pediatric patient by Rocco Minelli, Italy
Title 5: Fish as a health food with special reference to chronic diseases by Abdul Hei, India
Title 6: Assessment of quality of life, anxiety and depression in Moroccan women with cervical cancer, Asmaa Azizi, Morocco
Title 7: Clinical characteristics and approaches to COPD management in Russia assessed by Social Media Listening (SML) with Natural Language Processing (NLP), A. Belevskiy, Russia
Title 8: Differences in body composition in metabolically healthy and unhealthy women with morbid obesity, Juan M. Jiménez-Rossainz, Mexico
Also, along with this we had various other attendees presenting their Posters, e-Posters and Video presentations at the event.
With this note, we thank all our Organizing Committee Members, Speakers, Delegates, Media Partners and others in supporting us and helping us in making this event a grand success.
Also we wish to notify that, our next edition of the event, the “5th International Conference on Chronic Diseases” will be held as a webinar on April 26, 2021. We welcome all our previous conference attendees and interested Physicians, researchers and students to join us in our next event.
This year, at Chronic Diseases 2021, attendees can find:
  • Exclusive Sessions and Panel discussions on the latest innovations in the field.
  • Poster presentations on all the highlighted sessions.
  • Keynote talks by renowned speakers.
  • Discussion on the latest trends and technologies in the field.
  • Global Networking opportunities
  • And many more.
Register now through simple steps. Bring your group and join us in exploring the impact and intervention of the field.